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You’ve worked hard for your home and now you can take advantage of the equity you’ve built with a reverse mortgage. We can help.

There are many ways for a reverse mortgage to benefit you, but to make the right decision, you

may need expert advice in mortgages, real estate and economic trends. Fortunately, we cover all three areas.

We have the best lenders available, and we give the best and most complete professional consultation about the loan parameters, potential benefits, and safeguards available.

With a reverse mortgage you can:

Enhance your retirement income

Pay off bills that burden your finances

Help your children or grandchildren

Remodel your home

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Stuart Eastman is your Reverse Mortgage Consultant at Ready2Fund Home Loans. With 40 years of experience in the financial industry, Stuart offers full-service expertise on the why, how, and what concerning reverse mortgages.

Why all qualified people should consider a reverse mortgage.

How to get a reverse mortgage option that makes the most sense for your goals at the lowest cost.

What to do with the liquidity created.

Ready2Fund is a family business and the extended family includes REALTORS®, construction general contractors and other related professionals that have in-depth knowledge about positive uses of a reverse mortgage.

"Amazing! They did everything they could to get us the best rates. We had an emergency; some small medical bill had been forgotten about while we lived internationally, and got sent to collections. It dinged my credit score so I was no longer approved for the best rate. Zach and Caleb worked day and night to help us pay the collections agency, get the letter of deletion and submit it on our behalf to prove our credit had been repaired and that we should still qualify for the lowest rate. They did a rapid re-score for us and got us the best rate. Helped us close on our house super-fast. These guys know their stuff. I would recommend them to anyone. Honest and decent, and on our side. Will use them again in the future!"

Mckenna Peterson

"They were incredible to work with. We went through three different offers when buying a house over the course of three months and they were extremely responsive and attentive to our needs, on both the real estate side and mortgage side. From day one, I could tell they were extremely competent at what they were doing and we ended up getting an amazing house at an amazing price and an amazing mortgage rate. We had some last-minute credit report issues and they resolved them promptly and ended up going above and beyond to get the deal done. I felt they had our best interest in mind throughout the process. The best thing is that they are legitimately cool guys that we loved spending time with. Will definitely refer them to anyone who needs a mortgage or real estate agent in the future."

Spencer Peterson

"They did an amazing job helping us refinance our mortgage to take advantage of lower interest rates. The most important factor for us in choosing a mortgage broker is responsiveness and they immediately jumped on our inquiry, provided several alternative options, and were instantly available to talk through the pros and cons of these options. Natalie and Zach handled all the logistics seamlessly and made it an easy and pain free process. Will definitely use for future home purchases or refinancing. Thank you!"

Shannon Zollinger

"I had been referred to them through a common friend. This brokerage is very transparent, customer-focused and results-oriented. I was pleasantly surprised by their speed and accuracy. They offered a very good interest rate that I couldn’t find anywhere else. They closed my home loan within 7 working days (from beginning to the end) with great accuracy and attention to the detail. I am amazed to see his numbers when I compared them with my other estimate. I would greatly recommend him, if you are looking for a new home loan, refinancing or reverse loan."

Satish Kumar

"“They did an amazing job of communicating quickly to every question I sent them. They went above and beyond to help me out by even meeting with my bookkeeper at her home to obtain the needed documents to process my loan. This is VERY unusual for a loan officer. I should know because I have gone through this many times on my 40 investment properties. Most frustrations people have with getting a loan is poor communication from the loan officer. That won't happen at this brokerage!"

Jim Gubler